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About Nor-Mek.

Nor- Mek is a sales and import department for the company Nordhagen Mek. Verksted. Nor- Mek is importing mainly from Korea. On the marine side we import marine engines, impeller pumps, marine gear, ship windows and marine gen sets. We also import high quality steering systems for boats.

On the industrial side we import industrial engines, gen sets, multi flex pipe couplings. We can also build and modify after the customers wishes.

Our head office is situated just outside the Norwegian capitol Oslo, at a place called Nesodden. It takes approximately 45 minutes with a car and the ferry takes about 25 minutes.


We also have a show room for the things we are importing so it is possible for people to come and look at our products.We do our best to keep our customer satisfied. Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.