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Water Strainer

Robust bronze casting
Robust stainless filter basket
Easy installation
Easy maintenance and cleaning
Protect your pumps and engines
Transparent and strong cylinder
No leak under high pressure by using O-ring




Strainer 1




Strainer 2




Strainer 3




Specification JPR-ST4010 JPR-ST5010
Port Size 1-1/2" / NPT 2" / NPT
Top Casting Bronze Bronze
Bottom Casting Bronze Bronze
Seal O-ring O-ring
Size (A xB xC, mm) 207x290x210 207x390x210
Cylinder (Dia x H, mm) 180x190 180ix290
Weight (Appx.) 9.4kg 9.8kg


Service Kit (Replace Parts) is available.



How to Replace and Clean Filter


Strainer 4 Strainer 5 Strainer 6 Strainer 7

Unscrew wingnut by hands.


Release coverlets open cover.


Pull out stainless filter.


Clean filter and cylinder or replace filter if necessary.



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