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Industrial rating according to DIN 6270
Intermittent rating :
Continuous rating :
Max. torque :


Main Specification
Type 4 Cycle, 6 Cylinder, Water cooled, In line, Overhead valve, Naturally aspirated, Direct injection type
Compression ratio 17.5 to 1
Direction of crankshaft rotation Counter clockwise viewed from flywheel
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Lubrication oil capacity(liter) 14.5 or 19
Cooling water capacity(liter) 12
Fuel injection pump In line type
Governer RSV All speed control type
Cooling fan Suction type
Bore x Stroke(mm) 102 x 118
Displacement(cc) 5,785
Dimension(L x W x H mm) 1,157 x 632 x 806
Standard Parts
Starter 24V x 4.5kW
Alternator 24V x 45A
Flywheel housing SAE No. 3
Fuel filter Full flow (Cartridge type)
Oil filter Full flow (Cartridge type)
Cooling fan (Diameter) 590mm Suction or Blower type
Option or Accesory Parts
Air cleaner & Silencer
 Fork lift, Excavator, Bulldozer, Load roller, Agricultral equipment

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