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Industrial rating according to DIN 6270
Intermittent rating :
Continuous rating :
Max. torque:


Main Specification
Type 4 Cycle, 6 Cylinder, Water cooled, In line, Overhead valve, Turbo charger & Intercooler, Direct injection type
Compression ratio 17.4 to 1
Direction of crankshaft rotation Counter clockwise viewed from flywheel
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Lubrication oil capacity(liter) 14.5 or 19
Cooling water capacity(liter) 12
Fuel injection pump In line type
Governer RSV All speed control type
Cooling fan Suction type
Bore x Stroke(mm) 102 x 118
Displacement(cc) 5,785
Dimension(L x W x H mm) 1,184 x 668 x 926
Standard Parts
Starter 24V x 4.5kW
Alternator 24V x 45A or 24V x 60A
Flywheel housing SAE No. 3
Fuel filter Full flow (Cartridge type)
Oil filter Full flow (Cartridge type)
Cooling fan (Diameter) 625mm Suction type
Option or Accesory Parts
Intercooler Air to water type
Air cleaner or Silencer
 Fork lift, Excavator, Bulldozer, Load roller, Agricultural equipment, Wheel loader

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