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DONG-I MARINE TRANSMISSION consists of a pair of hydraulic clutches and a reduction gear. It is the power transmission unit which transmits the power generated by the engine to the propeller. The major function of marine transmission is forward, neutral and reverse in propulsion and certain Rate of Reduction speeds.

Main features

  • 13 models covering almost all applications up to 470HP
  • Robust design to withstand continuous duty for workboat
  • Precise gear for long life and smooth operation
  • Smaller size than other transmissions of similar capacity
  • Only sintered disc is applied. No Paper friction

Defination of continuous duty for work boat

In the work boat applications, Marine transmissions are expected to operate continuously at full engine governed speed. For continuous day-long or around-the-clock service, propulsion engine power setting must be within the marine transmission's allowable input rating. Most displacement hull vessels are powered for continuous duty. However, the actual marine transmission power loading depends on :

  1. the propeller
  2. the vessels work assignment
  3. the condition of throttle setting during continuous service

We recommends that all displacement and semi-displacement hull commercial applications be classed as continuous duty usage of the marine transmission.

Example : Fishing trawlers, Tugs, Ferries, Ocean freighters, Offshore supply boats, Research vessels.

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