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S.ONE Multiflex pipe couplings

The simplest and most durable pipe joint.



With a torque wrench and a S.ONE PIPE COUPLINGS you will joint to plain-ended pipes in the shortest time. The couplings are the ideal solution for pipes of nearly every type of material used in the trade. Suitable for thin and thick walled pipes.

No matter which field of application S.ONE PIPE COUPLINGS sets new standards. The pipes are cut to length on site and installed without any pipe end treatment. The compact design guarantees a trouble-free installation even in limited space. The construction of the coupling allows axial misalignment up to 3 degrees in any direction without impairment of its function.


Temperature range:

EPDM sealing sleeve: -30กษ to +140กษ For all qualities of water, waste water, air and pneumatic transport of solids.


NBR sealing sleeve: -20กษ to +100กษ For gas, oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons.


Casing: stainless steel(AISI 304 / 316) Lock parts: stainless steel(AISI 304/316)
Easy installation

The S.ONE PIPE COUPLINGS are easy to install. instead of welding, flanging or threading, the pipe is cut to length and installed.The couplings are reusable.

Quick installation

The ready-to-use couplings are fitted without heavy equipment. long setting up times are things of the past. The coupling allow complete rotation in position of fittings.


High performance

The sealing sleeves are suitable for working temperatures from -30กษ to +120กษ(EPDM) and, -20กษ to +100กษ(NBR).The couplings are usable for all water and airsystems also for pneumatic transport of solids.

Save space

The compact design with only two locking screw permits pipes to be run close together.


Pipe material

S.ONE PIPE COUPLINGS are applicable on all types of pipe material used in the trade.

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